Mrs. Syrita Morgan was named GSA Smiley Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Morgan is a remarkable and inspiring educator who deserves recognition for her dedication to her profession and students. Mrs. Morgan is kind, compassionate, and patient with every student she works with. As a reading interventionist, she teaches an academically diverse group of students with varying reading ability levels. The culture of learning established in her classroom sets high expectations for all of her students to achieve. One of her greatest strengths is the rapport she builds with her students. Students who receive her reading services know that they have a teacher who believes in them and is invested in their journey of reading success. Mrs. Morgan also productively supports and collaborates with her colleagues offering advice or guidance that will undoubtedly transform instruction and support.
Mrs. Morgan has strong relationships with students, understands their needs, and collaborates with colleagues for student success. She is always trying to figure out ways to help her students be successful.
She is always great teacher and great friend...
So so so well deserved! We are very lucky to have had Ms Morgan as our daughter's teacher years ago! She is truly amazing!
Congratulations! So well deserved! She works so hard and is dedicated to her students!
So well deserved! Mrs. Morgan is the best! Her students are so lucky to have learned from her.
Love Mrs Morgan!!!! She was so great with my son when he had her about 6 years ago.
Congratulations!!! Mrs. Morgan IS the best and most definitely deserving of this honor!