GSA Robotics Teams Dominate at Westchester Competition

KIRKWOOD, MO – On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Westchester Elementary School hosted its annual robotics competition, attracting teams from all over Missouri. Our elementary and middle school robotics teams – the Dragon Hunters, Kermit Crafters, and Blue Axolotls – excelled in the qualification matches, finishing in the top three.

The Kermit Crafters took home two awards – the Teamwork Champions award and the Judges Award – while the Dragon Hunters received three awards, including the Teamwork Champions, Skills Champions, and Design Awards. The Legacy Coderz received the Build Award, and the Einsteins received the Excellence Award. The Blue Axolotls also received a 2nd place Teamwork Champions award.

We are proud of all of our robotics teams for their hard work and dedication, and we congratulate them on their success at this year's competition. These students have proven that with determination and collaboration, they can achieve great things.

Our school, GSA, will host the next competition at our Fyler campus on Saturday, January 14, 2023. The GSA community is invited to come and watch the event as our talented robotics students showcase their skills and compete against other teams. We look forward to seeing the amazing creations and performances that these young inventors will bring to the competition.