New Early Childhood Program


Gateway Science Academy Builds A Strong Foundation For Students

Many studies have confirmed the positive impact early childhood education can have on
equipping students with the tools necessary to succeed in school. To that end, GSA Pre-K is a
brand new play-based program at GSA elementary schools using the Every Child Ready
Curriculum. In partnership with the Apple Tree Institute, the Pre-K classrooms are building a
student-centered early childhood program led by state certified teachers and assistant teachers.
The Pre-K program uses a combination of center-based learning, small group instruction and
whole group instruction to prepare the students to become successful lifelong learners. The
centers allow each student to guide their own learning with a variety of activities centered
around the ideas of building, exploring, reading, art, dramatic play and investigating. Each
center relates back to the overall unit theme and is inspired by the unit read-aloud books. Small
groups allow for differentiated instruction with focus on key foundational goals related to math,
language, literacy, and social emotional development. Whole group instruction helps prepare the
young learners to be focused when moving forward into Kindergarten and beyond! This is a
program that centers on the entire young learner and uses researched-based common
assessments to track each students' growth so that instruction is tailored to the needs of the

For more information, please call Brian Schick at 314-282-0534 or e-mail [email protected]. Visit the GSA
website at for additional information about our schools.